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Early Easter

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Our dear friends Reid and Dani visited us over the last number of days during their two-week tour of Europe. Along with the visiting and a trip to southern France, their visit allowed us to continue a five-year tradition: an Easter egg hunt for the ladies. In previous years we held the hunt in campgrounds and backyards, so this year’s setting in Parc de la Grange in Geneva was the most exotic yet. Here are some photos from the event.

Reid and I often buy a stack of eggs – an odd number for some friendly competition – and one larger item for each of the ladies. This year it was a bunny. I tried to hide it high and out of sight, but here is Eileen making short work of the hiding place:

Anyone who knows Eileen knows that in addition to the five senses given to the rest of us, Eileen has a sixth: camera radar. Here are two photos of her posing, mid-hunt, to different effect.

The ladies hunting:

Eileen won the first four egg hunts. But in 2010 we crowned a new champion. The ladies found 98 of the 99 eggs, of which Dani collected 57 or so. She punctuated the win with an unexpected kick-and-run technique as she and Eileen ran for the same egg that was lying on the ground. Well done Dani! Eileen has already begun sharpening her hunting skills for next year.

Here is the final outcome:

Anyone worried about psychological damage to the competitors will be comforted to know that the ladies share their eggs evenly after the contest, down to an equal number of each colour of wrapping:

We all look forward to the 2011 event and hope it will be in an equally new and exciting setting. Thanks to our sponsors.


Written by Kris Terauds

March 20, 2010 at 20:29

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  1. Wow! Looks like an egg hunt for the ages!

    Hey Kris, What camera are you using to shoot those photo’s, they look great! Along with the photo’s in all of your other blogs!

    Hope all is well Kris and Eileen! 🙂


    Tyrell Mara

    March 25, 2010 at 15:47

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