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Autumn in Geneva

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Our first winter in Geneva, in 2009-10, was a cold one. La bise, the strong wind from the north, blew from November until April, subtracting 10-15 degrees of wind chill from the winter temperatures. The following summer of 2010 was wet: it rained more often in August that year than in any other month I remember since arriving.

But starting in the autumn of 2010 and continuing relatively consistently until now, the weather has been dry, warm and bise-free. The recently departed autumn continued this remarkable stretch of weather. I spent most of the season looking for work and playing house husband, which left me time to jog, cycle and wander through autumn in Geneva. On most days, the sun shone and the ground was dry. I only remember coming home once with muddy shoes, which I appreciated when it was time for me to clean the floors.

Below are a selection of my photos from autumn in Geneva.


Written by Kris Terauds

December 10, 2011 at 21:32

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